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Eating customized meals and taking a supplement to help with weight loss are the two primary tenets of the GOLO diet. This diet places a strong emphasis on eating to help balance your hormones, unlike other weight-loss regimens that focus on things like calorie and food restriction at health.com

Even while GOLO and its supplement are generally safe to use, you should still speak with a doctor before beginning the program. This is a guide to the diet plan that covers its benefits, safety, methods of operation, and more at health.com

The GOLO Diet’s Methodology

The GOLO diet, created by a group of physicians and pharmacists, places more emphasis on hormone balance than fat restriction. According to the GOLO theory, hormone imbalances cause stress and worry, which can result in:

  • Overindulging in food
  • Emotional Consumption
  • Weary, Hungry, Overindulged
  • Insufficient sleep

According to the GOLO website, balancing your hormones might help you encounter fewer of the aforementioned triggers, which can subsequently aid in managing your weight. It also suggests that food may mitigate health problems brought on by metabolic disorders at health.com

Rules for Following the GOLO Diet

You will be provided with a customized food plan to adhere to in order to follow the GOLO diet. Portion control is a key component of the meals’ design to make you feel content at health.com

According to the inventors of GOLO, food and exercise by themselves are insufficient to produce long-term weight loss. They developed a proprietary capsule they call Release, which is an essential component of the program, to support those healthy habits health.com/weight-loss/golo-diet

The Supplemental GOLO Diet

Plant extracts and other minerals found in the Release pill support both psychological and physical weight management. According to the manufacturer, the Release capsule additionally

  • hormone balance
  • curbs cravings
  • prolongs hunger
  • enhances the control of insulin and blood sugar

GOLO advises you to take the Release capsule during the course of the program with meals. If you are losing more than four pounds per week or if you only have 10 to 20 pounds to lose, the program suggests lowering the dosage. They also suggest gradually stopping the pill after you hit your target weight at health.com

Recipes for the GOLO Diet

Because proposed meal plans are customized, it is difficult to determine exactly what is permitted and what the nutritional makeup is. Your energy demands dictate what and how much of the meals you eat, according to the GOLO website at health.com

Photos on the GOLO website, however, indicate that meal plans can contain smaller servings of veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, and unprocessed carbohydrates in addition to an emphasis on activity at health.com

Items Excluded from the GOLO Diet

On its website, the GOLO plan does not specifically list foods that individuals should avoid. Rather than emphasizing calories, the website restates the plan’s emphasis on portion sizes at health.com

Gains on the GOLO Diet

Research conducted by the company has demonstrated that trial participants did lose weight. The average weight loss for those following the GOLO regimen was 37.4 pounds (16.1% of body weight) and 6.4 inches off the waist at health.com

In 2018, GOLO also conducted a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled research with participants who were overweight. According to the study, those who took the Release capsule had a significant reduction in weight and waist circumference compared to those who took a placebo at health.com

But bear in mind that there were only 68 participants in the sample, which was extremely tiny.SixAlso keep in mind that all of those research were funded and carried out by GOLO.health.com/weight-loss/golo-diet

The GOLO Diet: Is It Safe?

According to the GOLO website, anyone can adhere to GOLO meal plans, therefore it might be safe to try. However, before implementing the GOLO plan, speak with a medical professional or a licensed nutritionist at health.com

Even though Release is typically safe and hasn’t been linked to any negative effects, you should still see a doctor or pharmacist before using it.2.The effects of supplements differ from person to person and are contingent upon numerous factors, including frequency of usage and dosage.Furthermore, because the GOLO Release is a unique blend and its constituent levels are not disclosed, it is challenging to determine whether it is safe to use in conjunction with other medications or allergies at health.com

Furthermore, specific advice regarding Release is given to certain people. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid taking Release, and those with type 1 diabetes are advised to consult a healthcare professional before using the supplement at health.com

Negative aspects

While some people who follow the GOLO plan could experience weight loss, others might not. The result could vary depending on a number of variables, such as how strictly someone adheres to the plan or if they are able to utilize their GOLO membership. The GOLO research participants, for instance, adhered to a certain diet and exercise regimen that aided in weight loss, which probably had an impact on their weight loss experiences at health.com

Cost could be another disadvantage of the diet plan. The Release capsule costs $59.95 for a bottle, and according to GOLO, it can help you drop 10 to 20 pounds.On the other hand, the costs of the different programs and goods differ.

A Brief Recap

Eating meals designed to help control weight and taking the Release supplement are two components of the GOLO diet. To help you lose weight and keep it off, the strategy focuses on eating in a way that avoids hormone imbalances at health.com

Without independent, peer-reviewed studies on the food and the Release capsule supplement, it is difficult to assess the efficacy of the GOLO regimen. Speak with a healthcare professional about the suitability of the substances in the Release capsule in light of your current health and prescription regimen before determining if GOLO is right for you at health.com

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